[aosd-announce] CFP: Aspect-Oriented Modeling With UML Workshop

Omar Aldawud oaldawud at lucent.com
Tue Jan 7 13:31:20 EST 2003

        	Aspect-Oriented Modeling With UML Workshop
                       Tuesday, March 18th. AOSD 2003


   A one-day workshop to be held in conjunction with the Second 
International Conference onAspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD 2003).

The goal of this workshop is to bring together the communities of Aspect-Oriented software development and UML to discuss the state of research and practice when handling various kinds of crosscutting concerns at both software architecture and detailed design levels, and their mappings to aspect-oriented programs. Another key point will be to address the impact of aspect-oriented technologies on UML and to prepare together an agenda for future research in aspect-oriented modeling of software systems.

We are interested in submissions on all topics relating aspect-oriented software development and UML, including, but not limited to:

	* Defining Requirements on Aspect-Oriented Modeling 
	* Characteristics of a crosscutting concern that need to be modeled in an aspect
	* Modeling intra-object and inter-object crosscutting concerns
	* Verification and validation of aspect-oriented models
	* Composition of aspect-oriented models
	* Making UML Support Aspect-Oriented Modeling
	* Extending or "tailoring" UML to fit the needs of AOSD systems
	* Is a UML profile the best way to encapsulate extensions to the UML for AOSD?
	* UML templates for AOSD
	* Identification of UML elements that can be used to model aspect and how they 
		address the above requirements
	* Architectural descriptions using UML and AOSD
	* Aspect-oriented behavioral modeling with UML
	* Method and Tool Support
	* Using existing UML tools in AOSD life-cycles
	* Methodological issues related to the application of the UML in AOSD
	* Tool support for modeling AOSD artifacts with the UML
	* Aspects in Software Architecture
	* Limitations of existing ADLs (architecture description languages) regarding the
		modeling of crosscutting concerns
	* Representation of crosscutting architectural concerns using aspects
	* Use of aspects to capture crosscutting concerns in design and architectural 
	* Composition of architectural aspects
	* How can we relate the UML, AOSD, and the IEEE recommended practice on architectural 
		modeling (which promotes a multi-dimensional view of a system under 


Prospective participants are invited to submit 4-6 page position papers. 
We encourage use of the ACM Conference format for submissions. Members of the workshop 
committees will review all submissions and the authors of the papers will be notified. Submitted papers must be in PDF or Postscript format and should be submitted to:

oaldawud at lucent.com

All queries should also be sent to the above address.


Due date for position papers: January 27, 2003
Notification of acceptance/rejection: February 10, 2003
Early registration: February 17, 2003 (subject to change)
Workshop Date: March 18, 2003

Thank You,
Omar Aldawud
oaldawud at lucent.com
Lucent Technologies 

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