[aosd-announce] CFP: AOSD Workshop on Commercialization (contains corrected dates)

Ron Bodkin aosdcomm2003 at newaspects.com
Fri Jan 10 23:57:34 EST 2003

Please note the dates for submission and acceptance of position papers have
been corrected from those in the earlier announcement.

                            CALL FOR PAPERS

         AOSD Workshop on Commercialization of AOSD Technology

                            March 18, 2003
                         Boston, Massachusetts

         A one-day workshop to be held in conjunction with the
                  Second International Conference on
           Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD 2003),
             March 17-21, 2003, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The success of Aspect-Oriented Software Development technology has resulted
in increasing commercial use and the emergence of an AOSD industry. This
workshop will address the development of commercially successful AOSD
technology. It will address how to achieve a mature AOSD industry that meets
the needs of users and how consultants and vendors can meet this

Topics of interest for the workshop include value propositions, requirements
for adoption (technical, organizational, and standards), business cases,
business models, strategies, industry lessons from experience in
commercialization, selling, and likely customers. The goal is to bring
together practitioners, users, consultants, and vendors to discuss the
opportunities and challenges in delivering commercial solutions using AOSD.
These discussions are intended to improve market opportunities and increase
the scale and number of deployments of AOSD. This workshop will also start a
conversation about mechanisms for cross-industry discussion and common
initiatives to support market awareness and support for AOSD.

The workshop will consist of structured discussions about topics drawn from
position papers submitted by interested participants. The workshop will also
address cross-industry communication and collaboration to promote AOSD.
Participants will be expected to have read the accepted papers prior to the
workshop, to ensure focused discussions.

There will also be break times for informal discussions. A concluding
discussion at the end of the workshop will draw together various threads,
discuss open issues, and reach conclusions.

Invitation to the workshop will be based on accepted position papers.
Interested parties are invited to submit a one to four page position paper
describing topics of interest in the general area of commercialization of
AOSD. Submitted papers should provide a clear description of the submitter's
experiences and interests in commercialization of AOSD. Papers should
provide a short summary of lessons learned, challenges, opportunities, and
techniques used to address these. Those wishing to attend but unable to
submit a paper contact the organizer directly to explain why they are unable
to submit a paper and what their interest is.

Submissions should be formatted either as plain text, HTML, or PDF.
Submissions should be mailed to aosdcomm2003 at newaspects.com by February 10,
2003. Submissions will be reviewed by the workshop program committee.
Papers will be evaluated based on relevant experiences, insight into
commercialization issues, and originality. Authors will be notified of the
acceptance or rejection of their submissions by February 17, 2003.

All accepted papers will be posted at the workshop Web site prior to the
workshop date, to give all participants the opportunity to read them before
the workshop.  In addition, the accepted papers will be published in a
Workshop Proceedings as a technical report.


  Submission Deadline:		January 27, 2003
  Notification of Acceptance:	February 10, 2003
  Workshop:			      March 18, 2003

  Ron Bodkin, New Aspects of Security, US
  Adrian Colyer, IBM, UK 
  Juri Memmert, JPMDesign, Germany 
  Arno Schmidmeier, Sirius Software GmbH, Germany 

  Ron Bodkin, New Aspects of Security, US
  Adrian Colyer, IBM, UK 
  Juri Memmert, JPMDesign, Germany 
  Arno Schmidmeier, Sirius Software GmbH, Germany

For any questions or suggestions, please email aosdcomm2003 at newaspects.com

Our apologies for the need to re-send this announcement.

Ron Bodkin
Chief Technology Officer
New Aspects of Security

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