[aosd-discuss] AOP and Security references and applications

Anderson Davis aosd at hotmail.com
Mon May 26 21:32:09 EDT 2003

Complementing the Minwell Huang`s solicitation I would like to know if there 
are some open source application using AOP to implement non-functional 
requirements like performance, legal constraints, availability, etc.


Anderson Davis

>From: "Huang Minhuan" <hmh at PUBLIC.BISE.AC.CN>
>To: <discuss at aosd.net>
>Subject: [aosd-discuss] AOP and Security references and applications
>Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 10:20:49 +0800
>Hi, all.
>AOP is an approach helpful for Security. But as you known, although AOP
>announces that this new technology fit well to security-relevant problems,
>but on the most famous AOP site: aosd.net, there are no application 
>to security yet. And I didn't find any availble tools or application in the
>I just can find only the following papers relevant to AOP and security:
>"Building Frameworks in AspectJ" from Bart Vanhaute, et al ( there are
>several papaers in this topic) ; "Applying AOP to Security" from John Viega
>, et al ; "Using AOP for Addressing Security Concerns" from Viren Shah , et
>al (all the works discribed in the two papaers was done at Cigital) ; and
>"Towards a security aspect for Java" from Andres Farias. I noticed that in
>the mailist Jason Furlong just said were "writing a paper on using AOSD for
>Security concerns and Security Architectures"(To Jason: if you are ready, I
>will be very happy to read it :-)).
>I am focusing in Applying AOP(or AOSD) to Security. As I known, Applying 
>to Security just stepped the first pace. Am I missing some important papers
>or applications?  Thanks for your help in advance. I specially need
>application for demonstration.
>Minwell Huang
>Beijing Institute of Software Engineering
>P.O.Box 9702-19
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