[aosd-discuss] Aspect Oriented Software Architecture

Bedir Tekinerdogan bedir at CS.UTWENTE.NL
Sun Sep 28 18:10:43 EDT 2003

For more information on this topic you might look at the following sites: 

Aspect-Oriented Software Architecture Design Portal (TAOSAD)

For a broader information on aspects at the early life cycle look at:

Further I would like to suggest to check the web-sites of the workshops on
early aspects:

Early Aspects 2003- Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and
Architecture Design

Early Aspects 2002- Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and
Architecture Design

I hope this helps a little. 


Bedir Tekinerdogan

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From: VENKAT [mailto:vbvreddy at rediffmail.com] 
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Subject: [aosd-discuss] Aspect Oriented Software Architecture

Hi all,
  I am new to aspect orientation. I am doing my Master's in CS with
specialization in software engineering and my degree requires me to do
thesis in my specialization. I was going through the conference papers on
AOSD. One of the topics which interested me is the use of aspect orientation
in software architectural design.
  Could anyone direct me on how one can achieve aspect orientation at the
architecture design phase and what would be the benefits of such design
combined with aspect oriented programming? What is the current status of
research in this area?

Thanks in advance,
Venkat Reddy

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