[aosd-discuss] Is 'advice' adequate?

Otávio Augusto Lazzarini Lemos oall at icmc.usp.br
Mon Nov 8 12:47:06 EST 2004

Hi all,

  I'm having some philosophical problems with the AOP term 'advice' (mainly
because I´m searching for a good translation for it into portuguese). Is that
the most adequate word to define the 'implementation of a crosscutting
behavior'? As put by Gregor: "an advice declaration means 'at this join points
this happens'". Thus, IMHO an advice is something rather imposed to the
application than just suggested (as the word 'advice' implies), once you choose
to use the aspect. 

  The only way I can see an 'implementation of a crosscutting behaviour' as an
'advice' is when I consider an aspect as something as I can plug and unplug
from my application, thus I can accept or not the pieces of advice given by the
aspect. Is that the only reason why the term was chosen, or anyone has a better
argument for it? Isn´t there a better word to define it?

Thanks in advance,


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