[aosd-discuss] WS and AOP

Maria Agustina Cibran mcibran at vub.ac.be
Wed Sep 29 09:40:44 EDT 2004

Dear Farida,

Sorry for the late reply, but it's better late than never

We are applying AOP concepts in the WSML, a Web Services Management 
Layer which is placed in between the client applications and the world 
of web services. The WSML aims at achieving the weakening of the link 
between the clients and the services, the hot-swapping between 
semantically equivalent services, the selection of the most appropriate 
services based on service criteria driven by business rules, and the 
client-side management of services. We employ dynamic AOP, and in 
particular JAsCo for the design and implementation of the WSML.

You can find more information about the WSML and JAsCo in our web sites: 
http://ssel.vub.ac.be/wsml/ and http://ssel.vub.ac.be/jasco/ respectively.
All the publications on the use of AOP in the WSML can be found in: 
http://ssel.vub.ac.be/wsml/publications.php or you can email me if you 
would like one that is not downloadable yet.

Kind regards,
Agustina Cibrán

Farida Mostefaoui wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>I'm looking for papers and disscussions about the modelisation and
>implementation of the Web Services in the aspect oriented paradigm.
>Thanks for any help.
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