[aosd-discuss] can you have interception w/o aop?

Eric Eide eeide at cs.utah.edu
Wed Apr 5 13:57:33 EST 2006

"Cristina" == Cristina Videira Lopes <lopes at ics.uci.edu> and
"Roger" == Roger Johansson <roger.johansson at compona.com> write:

	Cristina> So many misconceptions! :-)

Well, my goal was to provide at least a partial answer to the original poster's

	Roger> when is a crosscut considered to be modular?

Obviously there's a lot of detail in a complete and rigorous answer --- e.g.,
defining what is meant by "modular."  It is important to address those issues.

But I'd also like to encourage people to remember to what the original question
was, and help to answer it :-).


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