[aosd-discuss] can you have interception w/o aop?

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> But I'd also like to encourage people to remember to what the original
> question
> was, and help to answer it :-).

Good point. I wonder if it might help to ask the question in a slightly
different way. I'm not trying to speak here with great precision, just to
get a general idea across. Let's say that two design dimensions X  and Y are
"modularized" if decisions can be made or changed in the X dimension without
having a significant influence on the Y dimension and vice versa. In the
paper you referenced, we observed that aspects written in an oblivious style
(without design rules/XPI's) could be changed without changing the advised
code, but advised/advisable code could not be changed without changing
aspect code. Although aspects in that style thus "modularize" the
crosscutting concern in the sense that changes can be made in the "concern
dimension" without affecting the base code, such aspects are nontheless not
modular with respect to the base code in the sense that changes can't
generally be made to base code without having to reconsider the aspects.

We end up with an asymmetric, or hierarchical, dependence and not a
symmetric decoupling, which is what we mean by "modular." My suggestion is
thus to rephrase the question, "when is a crosscut modular," in light of
this notion of coupling and "modularity with respect to."


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