[aosd-discuss] AOP myths and realities article published

Renaud Pawlak renaud.pawlak at inria.fr
Wed Feb 15 13:50:13 EST 2006

Hi Ramnivas, very nice article!

I was a little bit intrigued about an apparent contradiction when I read 
the paper.


Myth 2: AOP doesn't solve any new problems (which appears to be true in 
your article...)


Myth 12: AOP implementations don't require a new language (which appears 
to be false in your article)...

What seems awkward to me is: why would we need a new language when AOP 
does not solve any new problem??

If, as you state in your article, "AOP isn't a new computation theory", 
then why would we need a new language. In other words, what does Java 
not support in the panel of existing computation theory that requires 
its extension for doing AOP?

Of course, it is an open question, but I think it is hard to answer 
without defining exactly what AOP is... which is an exercise I won't 
even try to do here :)


Ramnivas Laddad wrote:
> Hello,
> IBM developerWorks has published my AOP myths and realities article 
> (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-aopwork15). In this 
> article, I examine the following common myths around AOP and discuss 
> their realities:
> * AOP is good only for tracing and logging
> * AOP doesn’t solve any new problems
> * Well-designed interfaces obviate AOP
> * Design patterns obviate AOP
> * Dynamic proxies obviate AOP
> * Application frameworks obviate AOP
> * Annotations obviate AOP
> * Aspects obscure program flow
> * Debugging with aspects is hard
> * Aspects can break as classes evolve
> * Aspects can’t be unit tested
> * AOP implementations don’t require a new language
> * AOP is just too complex
> * AOP promotes sloppy design
> * AOP adoption is all or nothing
> -Ramnivas

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