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(Welcome to the Community Wiki.)
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to AOSD. We are actively trying to grow our community, so please create an
to AOSD. We are actively trying to grow our community, so please create an
account and start contributing!
account and start contributing!
People nowadays have difficulty balancing their time at home and at work. Whether at home, in the office, or in school, writing assignments can take an enormous amount of valuable time. With the kind of lifestyle that many people have, it is very evident that many students do not take the time sit down and really put some thought in to the assignment before writing. Students who try and balance a full social life and school responsibilities often find it really difficult to make the two successfully work.
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Table of contents

Welcome to the Community Wiki.

This wiki for the AOSD community exists to share information about tools, events, books, reference material, and all other topics related to AOSD. We are actively trying to grow our community, so please create an account and start contributing!


Applications of AOSD in the form of tools and practices.

Research Projects

This is intended to be a broad list of research projects developing AOSD technologies, techniques, methods, foundations etc.


This is a broad and general list of topics within AOSD. It's a catalog of areas, issues, and domains that people have wanted to discuss in this Wiki. If you have a topic you want to discuss, look for your topic page here — or, start a new topic page!


A listing of AOSD-related events of all sorts, of both industrial and academic interest.

Training and Consulting

A listing of training and consulting services offered in the AOSD.

Catalog of Useful Aspects

What aspects have you found particularly useful? What are the aspects you are employing in your applications?

Catalog of Programs using AOP technologies

Does your program use AspectJ, JBoss AOP, Spring AOP or your other favorite implementation of aspect-oriented technology? For researchers it's always useful see how those technologies are actually being used. So please let us know!

Mailing Lists

Links to the mailing lists.


Answers to questions that have recurred frequently on the mailing list and elsewhere.


Evolving definitions of key AOSD concepts, and discussion of these definitions.

Guidelines for Contributing

We encourage the entire community to share relevant information about their work and other AOSD-related activities, and to keep it up to date on a continuous basis.

As you browse, you may notice that some pages are non-existent, empty, incomplete, or even incorrect. Please take this as an invitation to contribute, making the Wiki more valuable for everyone.

See AOSD Wiki:Copyrights for more details about licensing and copyrights of material appearing on this Wiki.

How to Edit a Wiki

A detailed description of how to edit can be found on the Help:Editing page. The markup language is simple to use. The easiest way to start editing is to read the source of existing pages and mimic what's already there.

The main thing to remember is that this is a Wiki and therefore whatever you type is subject to having others refute, edit, or remove.

You may only edit pages if you are logged in. Once you are logged in, you can make any changes you deem appropriate. However, please keep in mind our Disclaimer. Here is an interesting discussion on Wiki Design Principles.

You may create new pages by simply editing an existing page, adding a link to the new, non-existing page, saving the edit, and then browsing to the new page. You will then be given the chance to edit the page.


Instant Feedback

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