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AOSD is here to serve you the latest information on the subject.
AOSD is here to serve you the latest information.

Aspect-Oriented Software Development, AOSD is made up of a team of motivated individuals with a strong interest in modularity and aspect-oriented software development projects and new developments. As a project website, our goal is to provide information on the importance of modularity in programming. A significant amount of our information is obtained from live conferences, paper presentations and events of which we are a major contributor to the organization of the said events. Some of the information is provided by our partners in the promotion of aspect-oriented software development field.

Our Belief

Are you keen on aspect-oriented software programming
Are you keen on aspect-oriented software programming?

Throughout the history of mankind, software development continues to become more complex with the large scale of projects programmers have to cope with to meet their stakeholder’s demand. We believe modularity is the solution to make large-scale projects requiring millions of codes easier to develop. We believe that through the aspect-oriented software development paradigm, programmers can improve on existing software development.
We represent a platform to foster this cause through our information dissemination and conference organizations. We see ourselves accountable for the growth of aspect-oriented software development practice and that gives the reason for our commitment to provide adequate information on new innovations, researchers, and findings on the application of modularity in programming. We owe it a duty to share our knowledge and findings through conferences and publications on this website. We strongly believe that aspect-oriented programming has a promising future for programmers to enjoy what they love doing when made simple through modularization.

Our Heritage

We are AOSD!

As software developers, we are aware that programming is ever evolving with new developments to make things better. Our mission is to promote the evolution of aspect-oriented programming which is a more efficient paradigm for modularity than the object-oriented programming language. This resolves the issues of crosscutting concerns through modularization provided by modules called aspects. Our drive is to lift the heritage we have received on modularity. We want to ensure the modularization through this new paradigm is kept alive and improved upon in years to come. It is practice and legacy we want to extend to others in the field to create room for its improvement. That is the legacy we hold for those coming after us.

Our Mission

At Aspect-Oriented Software Development, Our mission is to share the importance of modularity with the community of software developers who hope to improve on software project development processes through better modular applications presented by the aspect-oriented programming language. In software development processes, we know that cross-cutting concerns and localization problems are issues. And to complement the development standards of both structural and procedural programming designs, the introduction of aspects makes the difference in modularization. Our mission is to promote this cause in our style of information delivery.
We hope to inspire many to take up the application of modularity in their programming as a priority through our project website. That is why we provide real-life situations and the practical works of those who share the same dream with us.

We see it as a responsibility on our part that lies on our shoulders to be as informative as possible to help as many as we can on the subject matter.

Our Vision

Aspect-Oriented Software development, AOSD, envisions a programming environment where modularization rules and the aspect-oriented software development projects.

The Future

Every programmer should find pleasure in what he does when executing a high-scale software development project. For this to be achieved, we know that getting every stakeholder, researcher, and programmer involved holds great promise for the future of modularization.
The future of modularity is great when we all team up to share our ideas, demonstrate our works and enlighten one another on why modularity is important in today’s programming world. 
Through interactions, meet-ups, and conferences we know much can be done to promote our cause of modularity. We invite you to:
*     Share your ideas, innovations and project papers about modularity
*     Give support to modularity by engaging with us on this website
*     Attend the conferences that bring together stakeholders, engineers, programmers and experts in the field.

Together we can take the modularity to the top.
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