Speeches Delivered BY Eelco Visser, And Thomas Wuerthinger At AOSD 2014

Eelco Visser

The 2014 AOSD conference keynote speeches gave some helpful insights on the development of AOSD.

Wednesday, April 23, 9 am to 10 am
Eelco Visser, TU Delft, Netherlands

Separation Of Concerns In Language Definition


Prof. Eelco Visser discussed about using Spoofax Language workshop
Prof. Eelco Visser discussed about using Spoofax Language workshop

Appropriately applying abstraction of linguistics to evolving domains of computation needs the ability to swiftly develop programming languages. Software languages are however complex systems needing significant effort for implementation and design. An investigation of separation of concerns in language definition is currently ongoing. This will be used as the sole source for the quality of production.
The speech reports the progress made in this direction through the demonstration of language definition using Spoofax Language workshop.

Prof. Eelco Visser is from the Department of Computer Science, Delft University of Technology. He is a Master’s Degree (1993) and Ph.D. Degree (1997) holder in computer science from the University of Amsterdam.

Thursday, April 24
Thomas Wuerthinger

Graal And Truffle: Modularity And Separation Of Concerns As Cornerstones For Building A Multipurpose Runtime


Thomas Wuerthinger is a Research Director at Oracle Labs Switzerland.
Thomas Wuerthinger is a Research Director at Oracle Labs Switzerland.

It is still an illusion that multi-language runtimes provide instantaneous high performance for many programming languages. While industrial-capacity executed languages were developed with a focus on a single language other languages can compile to another format – bytecode format for the managed runtimes.  The problem is the performance properties of the bytecode generation methods are always found wanting compared to runtimes that are particular to specific languages.
The solution to this problem is the provision of a guest language with a different approach of interfacing with the runtime of the host.
The host compiler gets the optimized machine code through partial evaluation of the guest language interpreter.

Truffle, the guest language runtime framework is implemented atop the HotSpot virtual machine and the Graal compiler.
Thomas Wurthinger, a senior research manager at Oracle labs, heads The Graal compiler OpenJDK project and the architect of Truffle self-optimizing runtime system.

He formerly worked at Google and with Sun Microsystems.